Baby Manyue

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Baby Manyue (full month) is a special celebration which is unique to the Chinese tradition. The Westerners usually throws baby showers before the birth of the baby and the Chinese celebrates “Manyue” one month after the baby is born. The purpose of this celebration is to introduce the newborn to families and friends.

During this celebration the new parents also prepares boxes of goodies for guest to thank them for the lovely gifts and well wishes they have showered the baby.

Traditionally the box usually include a pair of red-stained eggs and angku kueh (turtle-back shaped rice cake filled with peanut/yellow bean paste) and some sweet pastry.

Are you looking for a something special for your relative, friends and colleagues?  Different from the usual cakes and pastry item,  Enchanted Party Corner can customised a special thank you Manyue Gift boxes for you.  Here are some of our special Manyue gift that we have chosen for you to place inside your box.

  • Soft toy,
  • Customised mug,
  • Customised towels
  • Candies & Chocolates
  • Special red eggs

We look forward to working with you to create these lovely Manyue boxes.  Do contact us to discuss your baby’s Manyue box!

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