Baby Manyue

It’s a Triplet’s Full Month Celebration

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“Tiny hands and tiny feet, someone new for you to meet.” 

We join the family of seven together with their relatives, friends and colleagues to celebrate the lovely triplet’s full month with love.

It was a joy and privilege to be able work with the mommy of the 3 beautiful princess to create these lovely candies wrapper and goodies for their candy buffet table during their full month celebration.  We have also prepared their thank you box for their guest which includes all these lovely goodies in the box.

We wish the 3 beautiful little princess be bless with good health, happiness and joy always!

Baby Manyue · Manyue Box

Our New Manyue Lunch Box!

“A star fell down from heaven and landed in our arms with all of mommy’s sweetness and all of daddy’s charm”. 

And we are star struck by the arrival of our lovely special personalised new Manyue Box for your special occasion!  There is a whole lot of special goodie inside that will definitely wow all your guest!

_MG_8749 editSo what’s inside our special box?

_MG_8774 edit _MG_8785 edit

  • 1 Personalised Announcement Card
  • Personalised Thank You Tags
  • 1 Personalised Bear
  • 2 Special Red Egg
  • 1 Personalised Jar of Assorted Chocolates

Promotion from today till 31st October 2013

  • 10 boxes and above : 10% off retail price
  • 20 boxes and above : 10% off retail price and free 1 box
Baby Manyue · Manyue Box

Our First Customised Manyue Gift Box

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As we were planning to launch our very own customised Manyue Gift boxes early this month we were delighted to received our very first order from one of our regular customer who ordered 80 boxes of these lovely Manyue Gift box for her relative, friends and colleagues.

She has chosen the theme “Little Red Riding Hood” and we found these lovely boxes which matches the theme perfectly.  We also found 2 different kind of bears accordingly to their request and we personally handmade all the little bows for the bears.  It was really a joy to be able to fulfil our first Manyue Gift box order before end of August.

We wish Baby Min En to be healthy, happy and joyful always!